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Financial advice for idealists, 

dreamers, and skeptics

Welcome to Livelihood

We believe everyone deserves financial peace of mind, even those who are more concerned with living a joyful life or improving the world than the size of their bank account. Activists, idealists, creatives, and others that lead with their passions are welcome here.  We promise to provide useful, unbiased financial advice without judgment.  

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At Livelihood, our mission is simple. 

We want people to live joyful and financially secure lives.

At Livelihood, our goal is to help you use your time, money, and talents to make your life and the world better.   We specialize in helping families and early- and mid-career professionals make decisions about how to use their resources to accomplish long-term goals, such as saving for retirement, sending kids to college, paying off student loans, and otherwise creating financial peace and stability.


We don't get paid commission. We have no sales quotas to meet. In fact, we don't sell any products at all. In the industry, we are called a fee-only fiduciary, meaning we are required to act in your best interest, not ours. Isn't that refreshing?


It seems clear to us that your money should follow your values, not the other way around.  We will help you redirect your money toward a joyful life, stable future, and social impact.


We don't care how much money you make, how much debt you have, or how tense things have become with your partner when you discuss money. You won't find any judgment here.


We favor low-cost, long-term, passive investment strategies that align with your goals, values, and capacity for risk.  We also do not take custody of client funds or make trades on clients' behalf. We give advice for our clients to implement.

Carey Morgan, CFP®, ChFC® Photo

Carey Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®

Partner, Financial Advisor
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Carey Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®

Partner, Financial Advisor

Hi there.  I'm Carey, a financial advisor and philanthropic consultant with a long-time passion for understanding how using money well can fundamentally reshape the world.  I really enjoy working with people who have dedicated their lives to making their world a better place through service, art, education, and philanthropy.  These are all areas I know well. I started my career managing rock bands and helping musicians sort out their own money. The personal finance bug bit me and I joined a huge investment firm to learn that side of things. While the big corporate life wasn't the best fit for me,  I also became really interested in how our every day spending and investment choices can really impact the community.  So I changed gears to the nonprofit sector, leading a a hunger nonprofit, launching a citywide financial counseling program, and directing a private foundation focused on economic empowerment for women.  One of the things I get most excited about is the potential for change through mission-aligned  and socially responsible investing.  In my humble opinion, doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive.

I live in Mt. Airy with my husband and my crazy cats, Grover and Gomer. I can often be found noodling around the garden, traveling to exotic locales, or reading a mystery novel.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Consultant®  I also have a BA in History from Georgetown and a Masters in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training in Vermont.  

Photo credit: Matthew Hamilton

Megan Kiesel,  CFP ®, CSLP® Photo

Megan Kiesel, CFP ®, CSLP®

Partner, Financial Advisor
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Megan Kiesel, CFP ®, CSLP ®

Partner, Financial Advisor

Hi, I’m Megan.  I've spent most of my career helping people master their finances.  I’ve developed financial literacy programs to help families save money and pay off debt, worked in community-based tax sites, created personalized solutions to help families understand college funding and student loans, and linked consumers to safe and affordable financial products to better manage their cash flow.  I spent a lot of my career doing this work at great nonprofit organizations that served a wide swath of Philadelphians.  

Of course there is a lot more to it than dollars and cents.  I believe that the seemingly mundane decisions we make about the money that passes through our lives each day can have a profound impact on our lives and our world.  I have a background in social work that I draw on to help people become more mindful about those decisions and make plans that live up to their values, goals, and ideals. 

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional and a Certified Student Loan Professional.  I also hold a  Masters in Social Work from Temple University. I live in the Passyunk Square neighborhood of South Philadelphia with my quirky husband, clever daughter, and cheerful son.  You can find me gardening poorly or wandering Passyunk Avenue with delight on my favorite days. 

Photo credit: Matthew Hamilton


We offer three flexible ways to work with Livelihood.

Quick Start Financial Advice Photo

Quick Start Financial Advice

For targeted advice and simple roadmaps
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Quick Start Financial Advice

Affordable &


This engagement is designed to make quality, actionable advice available for an affordable price.  This is perfect if you want an expert review of your overall situation and/or if you have a few targeted questions. 

This is perfect for people in their 20's or young couples who want to build a solid base but do not already have a lot of savings and assets.  It's also helpful if you just want advice on 1-2 topics, like student loans.

This is not appropriate if you are seeking investment advice or want an in-depth retirement projection.  The engagement includes:

  • A broad analysis of your financial situation by a Livelihood planner.
  • A 90-minute “working meeting” where you will discuss several topics with your planner and receive actionable guidance.
  • A “financial snapshot” after the meeting that includes topics discussed and suggestions made by your planner.
  • NOT INCLUDED:   Comprehensive financial plan, investment analysis, retirement projections, in-depth analysis.


We charge a flat fee $520 for this appointment.  The payment is due when services are rendered.

 Get started right now

Just two steps will begin the process...

  • Click here to sign a contract for engagement. (For couples, each partner must sign a contract.  You will only be billed once.)
  • Click here to complete your financial profile.

A Livelihood planner will reach out about two days after you sign the contract and complete your profile to discuss next steps and schedule your meeting.  

Most appointments are scheduled within two weeks of completing the financial profile.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Photo

Comprehensive Financial Planning

For those seeking a holistic financial plan
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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Holistic & Healthy

Most clients benefit from a deep dive on several aspects of personal finance, such as cashflow planning, debt strategies, investments, and retirement projections.  We can offer a package tailored specifically to your needs that will provide you with a robust plan to help you move in the right direction.  Our packages range in price from $1,500-$4,000; most packages cost around $2,000.  Each package is priced uniquely based on your needs and billed over several months to increase affordability. 

For those interested in a long-term relationship after a planning engagement, we offer ongoing retainer and hourly contracts so that we can continue to be part of your team.

Click here to schedule a free Q&A call to learn more about working with Livelihood.
Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash
Hourly Financial Planning Photo

Hourly Financial Planning

For everyone else...
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Hourly Financial Planning

Flexible & Tailored

If you have a situation that does not fit neatly into a package, we can work with you on an hourly basis.  We will customize our work to your unique needs and time frame.  We charge $130/hour.

Click here to schedule a free Q&A call to learn more about working with Livelihood.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash